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Thank you for your interest!

If you need more information before deciding, send us an email at and ask for more information!

Join us at practice to start diving in!



  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays: 6-9PM

  • Saturdays: 10AM-2/3PM

Where: K12 Gallery and TEJAS (341 S Jefferson St, Dayton, 45402)

Our shop door is on the left side of the K12 building  by the garage door (see photo below)

We're looking forward to meeting you! 

BONDS can support the interests of a wide variety of students, not just those interested in STEM! Our subteams, listed and described below, create smaller teams within the larger team that are able to fit student interests more precisely.


If you're interested in hands-on manufacturing and building, check out the Build Team! - Train with and use power tools - Manufacture parts with machines and mills - Build the robot and troubleshoot issues


If you're interested in logic puzzle and coding, check out the Programming Team! - Learn Java! - Code and debug the robot to move autonomously - Work with drivers to customize robot control to their preferences

CAD (Robot Design)

If you're interested in 3D Modeling and mechanical design, check out the CAD Team! - Learn Computer Aided Design (Onshape) - Design robot pieces for manufacturing - Produce a 3D version of the robot to show sponsors and judges


If you're interested in electronics or circuits, check out the Electrical Team! - Learn the components in the robot's electrical system - Learn electronic basics (like CAN, soldering, crimping, etc) - Wire the robot to move and route the wires where trhey need to go!

Graphic Design

If you're interested in graphic design and branding, check out the Graphic Design team! - Design posters, pamphlets, and banners for recruitment, outreach, and competition - Design t-shirts based on the game theme - Update the team website


If you're interested in creating content for social media and/or Youtube, check out the marketing team! - Collect material for and edit a season recap video - Post to the team's tiktok and instagram - Take and organized photos and videos for promotional material (recruitment, sponsorships)


If you're interested in working with numbers and promoting organizations, check out the business team! - Work with mentors to create subteam budgets - Teach and encourage students to reach out to local businesses - Work with Marketing and Graphic Design to create content for promotional materials!

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